A Culture of Transformation

Whether you are starting a career, or changing one. What’s important is that you become who you are.

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Why FSM?

“It was a process to unravel years of learning and to embrace the person I wanted to become. Awareness precedes change, and FSM provides a journey where you can dive into the depths of your soul to find the moment you didn’t even know you were looking for. An “awe” moment where it all just makes sense! The world, your place in it, who you were, who you’re becoming and how you’re getting there day by day.”

– Jennifer Blodgett


“This school opened a portal inside me I did not know was there. I feel transformed. I am forever connected to FSM & all the people affiliated. FSM gave me a permission slip to be the best I can be, because it gave me faith in me. It helped me to help myself. I now see that I am courageous, intelligent & skilled & I can make a difference. That’s what its about. Making a Difference.”

-Lori Lee Halteman

FSM graduate

“My experiences at FSM both as a student and instructor have been life changing. The empowerment model of education provided me with the tools and resources to truly create a life on my own terms. I am forever grateful for my time at FSM.”

– Bob Lee 


Our Program

Introduction to Awareness Based Massage and Orientation

Foundations of Bodywork


Connective Tissue Therapy

Polarity Therapy

Neuromuscular Therapy