Why FSM?

We asked instructors, students, and alumni

This is what they said…

“It was a process to unravel years of learning and to embrace the person I wanted to become. Awareness precedes change, and FSM provides a journey where you can dive into the depths of your soul to find the moment you didn’t even know you were looking for. An “awe” moment where it all just makes sense! The world, your place in it, who you were, who you’re becoming and how you’re getting there day by day.”

– Jennifer Blodgett


“I’m inspired by our supportive staff and being able to witness and capture some of the beautiful transformations, growth and connections that people make not only with others but with themselves. It feels great to work in an environment where people are encouraged to learn and grow in a variety of ways and there is also this incredible support system in place to help people through tough times and to find their truths and purpose in life. I love seeing graduates leave here with skills that can take them any place in the world that they can dream up. Being surrounded by a beautiful landscape and the occasional hummingbird that hangs out near my office window doesn’t hurt either.”

– Chrissy Martinez


My experiences at FSM both as a student and instructor have been life changing. The empowerment model of education provided me with the tools and resources to truly create a life on my own terms. I am forever grateful for my time at FSM.

– Bob Lee 


“This school opened a portal inside me I did not know was there. I feel transformed. I am forever connected to FSM & all the people affiliated. FSM gave me a permission slip to be the best I can be, because it gave me faith in me. It helped me to help myself. I now see that I am courageous, intelligent & skilled & I can make a difference. That’s what its about. Making a Difference.”

-Lori Lee Halteman

FSM graduate

“All the Beautiful Individuals that come through the doors of FSM and open their hearts and touch mine.  I feel free to continue to expand and to grow into a better version of my previous self.”

– Christina Polnyj


 “Something about this place/us is so different and refreshing — like a new-found beacon or template for the heart. It is that look of realization that there is another more harmonious way to be in the world, and the gratitude that issues forth from there. I love being a part of that process.”

-Mary Reis


“What an amazing Journey with amazing instructors! So much acceptance and love for each other! I am so thankful for this experience and all that I learned. In my opinion, this is the best Massage School a person who is interested in becoming a Massage Therapist could attend. You will not regret it!”

– Pat Lambert Elling

FSM graduate

“The magic love that the Florida School of massage makes”

-Paul Davenport

“the possibility of transformation.”

-Pete Whitridge

“the practice of accepting others just as they are.”

-Kristen Toth

I developed tools that empower me to create a life on my terms

-Bob Lee

“I love how students with so many varieties of culture and tradition find common bonds of human kindness and respect.”

-Josie Davenport

“FSM focuses on our humanness as well as the massage”

– Frank Merillat

“FSM is a fantastic place to learn and grow. A marvelous and magical place that leads you to new and different knowledge, adventures, and just helps you become a better person. I learned far more than just massage here, I learned about myself and the kind of person and being I wanted to be.”

– Erin Hreha

        FSM graduate

 “I am so inspired by the students’ own reports of the ways their lives have changed because of their experiences at FSM. I also love how students with so many varieties of culture and tradition find common bonds of human kindness and respect.”

– Josie Davenport


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