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Better Body Mechanics for Massage Therapists

July 29, 2017

Better Body Mechanics for Massage Therapists

Ann Harman

Workshop Price: $90 / $85 before June 29, 2017




Instructor: Ann Harman

Date: July 29, 2017
Time: Saturday, 10 AM – 5 PM
Workshop Price: $90
Location: Florida School of Massage
CE Hours: 6 Hours Florida and NCBTMB (Qualifies for Hands-on hours)


For more information, Contact Ann Harman at or 352-466-4940
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Payment is by check or credit card though Paypal.  

If paying by check, please send payment to Ann Harman, 15430 SW 75th Street, Archer, FL 32618.  Please include massage license number and phone number.

If paying by credit card, please send an email to, with phone number and massage license number.


Are you finding that giving massage is fatiguing or painful?  According to the February/March 2007 Massage and Bodywork magazine, 77% of experienced practitioners had felt some work-related pain or discomfort in the last two years.  64% of these were severe enough for the practitioner to seek medical treatment, and 44% warranted a diagnosis such as low back pain or tendonitis.

Would you like to learn how to use yourself in an optimally efficient way?  Would you like to decrease stress on your body?  Would you like to find the joy again!

We will use the gentle explorations of the Feldenkrais Method® to access our core strength and to distribute the effort of movement proportionally throughout our entire skeletons.

We will begin with lecture/discussion about the how the unique movement explorations of the Feldenkrais Method ® work through the brain to re-organize movement.  We will then do gentle guided movement investigations. These teach us to distribute effort throughout the body, thereby avoiding stressing any one joint.  Then we will practice basic massage strokes on each other, experimenting with our self-use, and getting feedback from the person on the table as to their experience.  Often the movement which is optimal self-use is often the most pleasurable!  Therefore, we learn to make the massage more pleasurable for the person on the table while preserving our energy and our own health.

Participants should be able to lie on the back on the floor, moving to and from the floor with little or no assistance.  Bring an exercise mat, sheets, and lotion or oil.

Handouts will be provided.  Six CE hours will be granted, Florida and NCBTMB.

For more information, you may contact Ann Harman at or 352-466-4940.