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Is Thai Foot Reflexology Really Reflexology?

by Karen Ball

KarenAwhile back I got into a conversation on a Facebook reflexology group page I follow. The exchange started with a woman’s struggle (her word) around the term Thai Reflexology. She wondered how someone practicing this age-old therapy could call it “reflexology” when the techniques were so different from what she knew.reflexology

Her comments sent me back to an earlier time in my reflexology career. Back in 1983, I learned what is now referred to in the United States and Canada as “conventional” reflexology, based on the theories and techniques developed by Eunice Ingham, known fondly as the “grandmother” of modern reflexology. For more than 10 years, I just assumed that reflexologists all over the world practiced reflexology as I was taught, happily thumb and finger-walking their way around an ancient map of foot and hand reflexes corresponding to other parts of the body. And then…

FSM Announces Special Events to Celebrate 40-Year Anniversary

By Dar Mikula

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Our History:

In 1974, the Florida School of Massage graduated its first students. The American Institute of Natural Health, Inc. and the Florida School of Massage, Inc. merged their programs of massage therapy and allied holistic health training in September 1979. The merger of these two Gainesville schools produced a vocational training center with outstanding instructional faculty and equipment resources for expanded and advanced programs of massage therapy and natural health care.