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Reflexology and Stillness: Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

August 19-20, 2017

Reflexology and Stillness: Circulatory and Respiratory Systems

Kristen Toth, LMT

Workshop Price: $315: $295 if paid by July 19th



Instructor: Kristen Toth, LMT

Workshop Price: $315; $295 if paid by July 19th

Date: SaturdaySunday, August 19-20, 2017

Time: 9AM-6PM

Location: Downtown Gainesville

CE Hours: 18 Florida

Prerequisites: Massage therapists who are graduates of The Florida School of Massage or who have a minimum of 16 hours of instruction in basic reflexology techniques.

To Register: phone or text Kristen Toth at 352-870-2903 or email at Early, discounted rate of $295 payable by cash/check; full cost payable by cash/check or credit/debit/paypal at


Please bring: sheets, pillow, foot tub, bath towel, and colored pencils. If you would like to bring a sitting cushion for meditation, as well as any items to contribute to a class altar to help create our space, please do, and those things are not required.


Description: Our circulatory and respiratory systems tirelessly nourish and refresh every cell and structure in our body in every moment. In health, they allow us to live life with radiance, compassion, vulnerability, and clear wisdom. This 2-day class explores using foot reflexology and contacts of stillness in a heart-centered practice to offer balance and support to these essential body systems. Participants will have an opportunity to better understand how our circulatory and respiratory systems influence and impact our physical, mental, and emotional health; to learn foot reflexes for the cardiovascular, lymphatic, and respiratory systems and techniques for contacting them in a meaningful, supportive way; to explore and experience stillness in a therapeutic context; and to integrate reflexology and stillness in nourishing sessions that aim to serve the whole person.


About the instructor:

Kristen Toth, B.A., LMT

Kristen is a 2003 graduate of The Florida School of Massage, a Certified Hand & Foot Reflexologist since 2008, an instructor at FSM since 2012, and a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral Touch Practitioner since 2016. Her experiences with bodywork, meditation, lab dissection, and dance all influence her exploration of embodiment and intimately inform her teachings. Incorporating awareness-based practices within her instruction helps her to create a sacred class space in which practitioners can connect consciously with others and with themselves. She’s extremely grateful for everyone who comes along with her on these journeys.