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Fibromyalgia – a research mind-body protocol

January 20-21, 2018

Fibromyalgia – a research mind-body protocol

Karen Mooney, PhD, LMT, CMMP

Workshop Price: $200

Instructor: Karen Mooney, PhD, LMT, CMMP
Saturday and Sunday January 20-21, 2018
Time: 8:30AM – 2:30PM
Workshop Price: $240 ($200 early registration by December 20, 2017)
Location: Florida School of Massage
CE Hours: 12


To Register:

Contact Dr. Karen Mooney at (814) 528-1598 or e-mail


Workshop Description:

Fibromyalgia has been notoriously unresponsive to allopathic medical treatments. Traditionally FM treatment addresses only one aspect of the condition. Dr. Karen Mooney, recently relocated to FL, is offering a unique CEU program to the massage therapist interested in the medical focus of massage. The Fibromyalgia protocol is a mind-body approach based on Dr. Mooney’s 20 years research and clinical practice with patients with chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. The CE courses give the therapist tools for and the choice of specializing in treating FM and chronic pain or integrating all or parts of the program into an existing practice.  

In the first of two 10 hour courses the therapist will learn the theory and research from which the protocol emerged, how to assess the pathology and the impact of stress and trauma in the progression of disease, and the hands on component with techniques of the Medical Massage modality used in the clinics and hospitals in Western Europe 

In the second course the therapist will learn through experiential participation how to help a client/patient: 

  • be aware of and  release restrictive pattern  
  • release pain patterns, 
  • reorganize cortical maps 
  • be aware of somatic responses to stress 
  • restore sense of well being 

A unique CEU program for the massage therapist interested in the medical focus of massage. A two part program to offer a mind-body approach  for therapists to specialize in the treatment  of  FM and chronic pain or  to integrate all or parts of the program into an existing practice. This program is presently only being offered in the state of Florida.


Please Bring: 

A set of massage table linens with face cradle cover, your favorite lotion or oil and hand sanitizer.  You are welcome to bring your computer, iPad or cell phone.  Notes and recording are encouraged for personal use if it helps you review the information.   You might bring a jacket or blanket in case the room is on the cool side for you.  Dress comfortably in clothing that allows you to practice massage treatments without restraint or exposure.  


About the Instructor:

As a psychologist/medical massage therapist Dr. Mooney partnered with her late husband in a practice for over 25 years focusing on patients with chronic pain. They developed with research and clinical application a unique protocol for treatment of patients with Fibromyalgia. Dr. Mooney teaches continuing education workshops, facilitates and consults with support groups, and advocates for the integration of researched massage techniques in pain management and treatment of many illnesses and dysfunctions.