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Craniosacral Anatomy ~ Distinction within the Functional Whole

July 15-16, 2017

Craniosacral Anatomy ~ Distinction within the Functional Whole

Giorgia Milne

Workshop Price: $350 ($200 deposit required to reserve your space)



Instructor: Giorgia Milne
Dates: July 15-16, 2017
Time: 9AM – 6 PM
Workshop Price: $350 ($200 deposit required to reserve your space)
Location: Florida School of Massage
CE Hours: 16 FL & NCBTMB

To Register: Contact Mary Reis at 352-246-6280 or


This introductory course on the craniosacral system focuses on anatomy, structure, function and energetics.  Whether you are just beginning your exploration of cranial anatomy, are a seasoned practitioner, or anywhere in between, you will discover something of value in the transmission field of how this course is presented.  


All of her courses are offered from the perspective of wholeness.  Instead of separating the parts away from the whole as aspects to be “addressed” or “fixed”, the information is offered as a means of broadening our awareness as practitioners as we abide in stillness and connect with the wholeness.  Giorgia’s dynamic teaching style presents material from various perspectives, allowing students to digest the material through various learning channels — lecture, hands on, meditation, art work, and more.


Topics include and are not limited to: embryogenesis, formation of midline and early development, principle bones, muscles and ligaments of the cs system, origins of bones, ossification centers, sutures, joints and craniometric points, reciprocal tension membrane, cerebral spinal fluid production and circulation, venous sinus flow, intro and overview of CNS, brain function and cranial nerves.  


Recommended foundation class for any Craniosacral Therapist and of great value for other modalities.  The teaching approach and atmosphere supports a variety of levels of background and learning styles. 


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Contact Mary Reis to register:, 352-246-6280.  Early registration is encouraged!