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Biodynamic Cranial Touch Initiatory Course

March 17 - 19, 2018

Biodynamic Cranial Touch Initiatory Course

Giorgia Milne

Workshop Price: $600 for new students / $300 to repeat

Instructor: Giorgia Milne

Date: Saturday – Monday, March 17 – 19, 2018
Time: 9AM-6PM (with 90-minute lunch)
Workshop Price: $600 for new students / $300 to repeat / $200 deposit
Location: Casa Micanopy
CE Hours: 24 Florida and National
Required Reading: Stillness by Charles Ridley

Students will need to bring a massage table, 2 flat sheets, two pillows, and a blanket.

To Register: Contact Mary Reis at or 352-246-6280

Limited lodging is available onsite: Please contact Macarena at to reserve your bed.

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Open to anyone wishing to develop personally or to investigate pursuing a committed professional track.  The Initiatory Course is for all health practitioners, psychotherapists, movement therapists, and bodyworkers new to cranial work.  It is required for all craniosacral practitioners or other biodynamic practitioners who wish to learn more about the type of biodynamics we teach before undertaking a committed yearlong study of Biodynamic Cranial Touch in the Mentor Course.

During the Initiatory Course you learn how to touch in a way that is non-efferent (neutral), non-doing, and in tonal match with primary respiration.  This course is designed to provide you with an array of embodiment of Stillness and midline practices by which you directly access primary respiration in your inner body. This is accomplished through a gradual process whereby you cease all efferent activity and intervention balanced with not being overly distant or unresponsive while touching another such that you learn to relax into Stillness, and abide in your natural state (neutral) – while letting ‘what is’ be as it is.

We review Dr. Sutherland’s profound insights into biodynamics.  Accomplished by creating a sacred space through Stillness Meditations, accessing the invisible midline, entering our heart awareness, feelingly inhabiting the inner body space to sense its tones, and with hand contacts tonally matched, we are inwardly led to powerful encounters with primary respiration of the Breath of Life.

Contact Mary Reis with any questions regarding the class or to register: or 352-246-6280.

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