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Anatomy Essentials in Chair Massage

April 21, 2018

Anatomy Essentials in Chair Massage

Frank Merillat and Amanda Concha-Holmes

Workshop Price: $150 Regular/Early Bird Price: $125 (ends April 1st)




Dates: Saturday April 21, 2018
Time: 9AM-6PM
Workshop Price: $150 ($125 if registered by April 1st)($250 if registered for both Saturday and Sunday classes)
Location: Florida School of Massage

CE Credits: ★ Florida: 9

To Register: Contact Frank Merillat at 352-371-0743 or e-mail at

Chair massage is an ever-increasing tool used by massage therapists to expand their clientele, reach a new customer base and offer healing touch to those in need. It is excellent for marketing as well as for a profession on its own. Increasingly more businesses are requesting chair massage as a gift or a service for their employees. Wedding planners, grocery stores, hotels and hospitals are some of the varied businesses that appreciatively pay for chair massage services.

This course will examine the basic anatomy of the neck, shoulders, arms and lower back that a massage practitioner can access while doing chair massage. It will integrate multimedia teaching tools along with activities that illustrate upon the human form the basic muscle structures including their origins and insertions. Students will learn where the muscles are located, how they function, and specific techniques to address them during a chair massage to relieve pain and tension. Students will walk away with a routine of their own that integrates the techniques from the class, which allows them to offer a 15-minute chair massage session confidently. Time will also be spent exploring how to market and promote a chair-based practice.



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 About the Instructors

Frank Merillat has been an instructor at the Florida School of Massage since 1995. He teaches Kinesiology, Neuromuscular Therapy, and Boundary and Ethics in the basic program. He also offers several different CEU courses as both and instructor and provider. He offers an eclectic approach to bodywork combining elements from several styles of work to customize the work to meet the individual client. He has studied with Deane Juhan, Tom Myers, Ben Benjamin, as well as Giorgia and Hugh Milne, all noted instructors in the bodywork field. His time with these noted instructors is incorporated into his teaching style and approach to the body. He enjoys time with his family, dogs and on the salt water, as well as working with people.


Amanda Concha-Holmes merges her training as a cultural anthropologist with her practice as a massage therapist and her love of ensemble contact improvisation dance. In her massage practice (licensed in 2010) and in the classes she teaches, she integrates her training in Reiki and in Thai massage with her years of teaching Transformational movement, ecosenses and partner yoga. For the last few years, she has been dedicated to crafting her practice around chair massage to be able to offer healing touch to people in their daily lives. She looks forward to sharing the conceptual and experiential aspects of reaching the parasympathetic state along with anatomy essentials and techniques in a chair massage practice that will become a source of clients for a career in table and Thai massage at the office.