May 2017 Archives - Florida School of Massage
  • Workshop
    May 13-15, 2017

    Traditional Thai Reflexology

    Karen Ball

    Thai foot reflexology is a marriage between the ancient healing arts of reflexology, Chinese tuina, Japanese shiatsu and Indian Ayurvedic yoga.  Thai reflexology is easy and fun to learn and incorporate into your existing practice.

  • Workshop
    May 20-21, 2017

    Hot Stone Massage Course

    Are you looking for something new to add to your skill set, or a fun way to fulfill your license renewal requirement?

    Did you know that Hot Stone Therapy is the most frequently requested spa treatment? Enhance your versatility as a therapist and enroll now to become certified in offering this ancient, world renowned technique for all of your present and future clients.

  • Workshop
    May 27-28, 2017

    Connective Tissue Therapy: The Frontline

    Maura Brady

    This workshop will delve into the components of back issues via the frontline, addressing primarily the anterior aspects of the trunk, shoulder girdle, and neck. Learn new tools to address your clients’ needs, while having the opportunity to explore your own, in a setting that combines fun and reverence.

  • Workshop
    May 27-28, 2017

    Thai Massage: Phase II Expanding Vocabulary

    Ariela Grodner

    This workshop is intended for those students who have already familiarized themselves with the Thai Massage practice through taking Thai  1, and are now ready to deepen their knowledge and widen their vocabulary. We will extensively review the Thai 1 material, both strengthening knowledge of the form itself and deepening awareness within the exercises, in order to bring our consciousness to a more subtle level during the healing process.