July 2017 Archives - Florida School of Massage
  • Workshop
    July 2, 2017

    Better Body Mechanics for Massage Therapists

    Ann Harman

    Are you finding that giving massage is fatiguing or painful?  According to the February/March 2007 Massage and Bodywork magazine, 77% of experienced practitioners had felt some work-related pain or discomfort in the last two years. Would you like to learn how to use yourself in an optimally efficient way?  Would you like to decrease stress on your body?  Would you like to find the joy again!

  • Workshop
    July 8-9, 2017

    The Dance of Breath

    Frank Merillat

    The course will focus on the structures, fascial and muscular connections involved in breathing, as well as specific treatment ideas in this area. We will explore the relationship to posture, as well as the relationship of mental and emotional states to the act of breathing. 

  • Workshop
    July 15-16, 2017

    Craniosacral Anatomy ~ Distinction within the Functional Whole

    Giorgia Milne

    This introductory course on the craniosacral system focuses on anatomy, structure, function and energetics.  Whether you are just beginning your exploration of cranial anatomy, are a seasoned practitioner, or anywhere in between, you will discover something of value in the transmission field of how this course is presented.  

  • Workshop
    Sunday July 16, 2017

    Medical Errors Prevention

    Kristen Toth

    The Florida Board of Massage Therapy requires that, prior to license renewal, all massage therapists attend a 2-hour class in the prevention of medical errors.  Please join us for a fun and informative discussion on this important topic regarding our role in providing safe care to our clients!

  • Workshop
    Sunday, July 16, 2017

    Ethical and Legal Considerations in the Practice of Massage Therapy

    Karen Ball and/or Jacqueline Ferber

    The Florida Board of Massage Therapy requires that, prior to license renewal, all licensed massage therapists attend a two (2) hour class in Florida Statutes and Rules and a two (2) hour class in Professional Ethics.  Join us for a fun and informative discussion of these topics AND get both of these continuing education requirements completed at one time.

  • Workshop
    July 20-23, 2017

    Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course: Class #1 of 4

    Giorgia Milne

    The Mentor Course is a year long advanced certification program that is presented in 4, 4-day segments. It develops out of a field of interest to immerse oneself in the work, and often as a response to an uncanny yet inexorable “calling”.

  • Workshop
    July 22-23, 2017

    Ortho-Bionomy Foundations – Musculoskeletal Rebalancing Through Joint Proprioception

    Kalpesh Patel & Cathy Krenicky

    Learn precise hands-on techniques which reconnect a client’s sense of being directly back to their joints to enhance relaxation, support, stability & movement. Ortho-Bionomy is an osteopathic discipline for helping the whole being by being specific in our contact, both with our clients and within ourselves.

  • Workshop
    July 22-23, 2017

    Reflexology for the Hands

    Karen Ball

    Research has shown hand reflexology to be as effective as foot, with the added benefit of easier accessibility.

    In addition to the full-body benefits of deep relaxation and increased blood and lymph flow, hand reflexology is especially practical in this day and age in helping to alleviate the affects that computers, tablets and smart phones have placed on our hands.

  • Workshop
    July 29-30, 2017

    Thai Massage: Phase IV – Energy Lines

    Ariela Grodner

    It is generally accepted in learned circles that the earth itself possesses energy lines. Likewise the human body is also composed of pathways for various kinds of energy and information. When the energy lines are brought into balance, harmony, health and equilibrium are the result.