July 2017 Archives - Florida School of Massage
  • Workshop
    July 29, 2017

    Better Body Mechanics for Massage Therapists

    Ann Harman

    Are you finding that giving massage is fatiguing or painful?  According to the February/March 2007 Massage and Bodywork magazine, 77% of experienced practitioners had felt some work-related pain or discomfort in the last two years. Would you like to learn how to use yourself in an optimally efficient way?  Would you like to decrease stress on your body?  Would you like to find the joy again!

  • Workshop
    July 30, 2017

    Low Back Pain: A Feldenkrais® Approach

    Ann Harman

    Low back pain affects 80% of people at some point in their lives. In the United States it is the most common cause of job-related disability, and a leading contributor to missed work. 90% of low back pain is due to muscular or other soft tissue strain or sprain, and is not caused by any serious musculoskeletal or neurological disorder. Therefore, becoming more effective in helping those who are suffering from this ailment can lead to your success as a massage practitioner. And, learning to ease your own back discomfort can prolong your career.

  • Workshop
    July 29-30, 2017

    Thai Massage: Phase IV – Energy Lines

    Ariela Grodner

    It is generally accepted in learned circles that the earth itself possesses energy lines. Likewise the human body is also composed of pathways for various kinds of energy and information. When the energy lines are brought into balance, harmony, health and equilibrium are the result.