The mission of the Florida School of Massage is to enhance the quality of life through the vehicles of touch and awareness.


The FSM community holds respect as a cornerstone value. We are committed to mindful communication and compassionate touch with empathy and acceptance.

Safety is essential for personal growth and learning, and is a foundation of the Florida School of Massage community. We invite students to join us in open communication and therapeutic touch, based on awareness, compassion, honesty and trust.



Accountability is the ability to self-reflect on the effects of one’s actions within the community. We want people who willingly commit to do the right thing and to take responsibility for it.

Mindfulness is a commitment to cultivating self-awareness by exploring the qualities of our human experience. By embracing our vulnerabilities and strengths we foster personal growth and expand into a fuller range of being alive.



FSM encourages empowerment. Our community inspires students to realize their potential and skills. We support an individual’s self-discovery, passion, and learning process. This foundation enables our graduates to empower their clients to participate in their own health and wellbeing.

We value integrity as an essential part of our community. This includes the ability to practice awareness, accountability, honesty and a clear sense of ethical boundaries.


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