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Sarah Abruscato, AA, LMT

Staff Photo

Sarah Abruscato, AA, LMT

Courses Taught

  • Kinesiology
  • Sports Massage
  • Swedish Massage


  • 2009 FSM graduate
  • Served in FSM administrative roles for 6 years 
  • Instructor at FSM since 2012

More Information

Sarah relocated from Colorado to attend FSM in 2009 and has been part of the community ever since. She began as the front desk receptionist.  Soon after, Sarah was recruited for the administrative office as the manager of continuing education and outreach events. In 2012, after completing the Teacher Assistant Program, she began assisting in the Sports, Swedish and Kinesiology portions of the Massage and Hydrotherapy Program.  She also can be seen these days in the school’s student clinic, where she serves as back-up for the clinic’s supervisory team.

When she is not teaching, Sarah enjoys working in the professional clinic and takes every opportunity to expand her knowledge and further her education. She also enjoys spending time with her partner, playing with her two dogs, swimming, and preparing her grandma’s eggplant parmesan.