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Bob Lee, AA, LMT

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"As above so below, as within so without."

Bob Lee, AA, LMT


  • 2005 FSM graduate

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Bob graduated from The Florida School of Massage in 2005.  While attending school he met his future wife who was also attending FSM, they married shortly after graduation and spent the next several years working and traveling from Florida to Maine.  In 2007 Bob attended the teacher training program and was invited to join the Connective Tissue Team.  He spent the next 9 years working both as a teacher and administrator for FSM.  Bob took a year off to travel with his family, provide massage, and explore our beautiful country.  They purchased a RV and hit the road, spending the summer in Montana and the winter in Arizona.  He has enjoyed the freedom his massage therapy education has provided him and his family.  Bob has truly created a life on his terms.  He returned to Gainesville in April 2017 when he accepted the position of Director of The Florida School of Massage.