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  • Workshop

    Therapeutic Hand & Foot Reflexology Professional Certification

    Learn how to skillfully use reflexology for the purpose of deep relaxation and/or to support people facing health challenges that threaten the quality of their lives.


  • Workshop

    Certification in Traditional Thai Massage and Ayurveda

    Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing technique that has been in popular use in Asia since the time of The Buddha (roughly 500 b.c.) During this 108 hour Advanced Training in Thai Massage and Ayurveda,  we will explore the core movements, stances, hand techniques and rooted breath awareness necessary for a strong foundation in the art. It is offered in six consecutive weekends throughout the year. Every weekend will specialize in a different aspect of the Thai Massage.

  • Workshop

    Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course with Giorgia Milne

    A year-long immersion in Biodynamic Cranial Touch as a pathway for personal evolution and to become a BCT practitioner