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Certification in Traditional Thai Massage and Ayurveda


Certification in Traditional Thai Massage and Ayurveda

Workshop Price: $1350 if registering for all six levels in advance

$1500 for students that are able to commit to attending all five classes within 1 year from the first class taken. This option allows the students to pay $250 for each individual class. $300 if registering for each class individually


Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing technique that has been in popular use in Asia since the time of The Buddha (roughly 500 b.c.). The practice itself manifests as a flowing dance that synthesizes the cumulative knowledge and techniques of many disciplines. Doctor Skivagakorpaj, Ayurvedic Master and personal physician to the Buddha, is considered the originator of the form. Employing the graceful rooted movement of internal martial arts and the compassionate mindfulness instilled by the meditative experience of the practice, Thai Massage is taught both as a form to follow and also as a key to improvisational bodywork. The essence of the practice is self-awareness, and the fluid expression that naturally extends from that awareness. During the course of this class we will explore the core movements, stances, hand techniques and rooted breath awareness necessary for a strong foundation in the art.

This 108 hour Advanced Training in Thai Massage and Ayurveda, will be offered in six consecutive weekends throughout the year. Every weekend will specialize in a different aspect of the Art.


Upcoming Workshops:

*Phase 6: Thai Massage on the Table (September 17-18, 2016)

Further dates:

*Phase 1:Introduction to Thai Massage (Oct. 15-16, 2016)

*Phase 2:Expanding Vocabulary (Nov. 12-13, 2016)

*Phase 3: Advanced Poses (Dec. 10-11, 2016)

*Phase 4: Energy Lines & Ayurvedic Applications (Jan. 7-8, 2016)

*Phase 5: Advanced Sidline (Feb. 18-19, 2017)

*Phase 6: Thai on the Table (March 25-26, 2017)


    – One may pick a weekend course as continuing education as a way to see if the material is something that needs further development. And  to give honor the the art, it takes more then a weekend to truly develop a strong foundation. Arielas’  classes offer the full range of experience she had when she took extensive trainings around the world and she even offers her own interpretations through her various published book.

It is easiest to begin with phase I, but starting at any level has its specialty. Many students begin with Phase 4 or phase 6. It is my belief that the best time to begin Thai Massage is when you are ready, especially since Ariela has a special policy at  FSM  that allows students  to return to class with out charge for the 2nd cycle.

Each weekend training is 18 hours,  9:00 a.m. to 6: 00 p.m. each day.

This certification is approved by the Florida and National Board.

In level 1, a strong foundation is cultivated with proper body mechanics, breath awareness and the development of applicable mental disciplines. You will learn the basic 1-hour sequence.

In level 2, you will build on the foundation learned in level 1 and add many detailed variations to each exercise. You will also add the sideline sequence, offering additional angles to work with and increase your knowledge to enabling you to work more specifically and individually.

In level 3, you will share in a more dynamic weekend of advanced poses that will accommodate more flexible or advanced yogi’s and athletes. You will develop skills in working with the upper body, which the traditional sequence doesn’t accommodate.

In level 4, you dive into an Ayurvedic and energetic application. You will gain understanding so that you can cultivate intuition and deepen your awareness of what you are doing. You will learn marmas (points), lines (meridians), Doshas (constitutions), pulses and more. Level 4 is what brings the deepening of all aspects of the work together.

In level 5, you will learn a dynamic sideline sequence that utilizes the use of the feet and the ability to differentiate the lines within them. Sideline can be used with pregnancy and is also so dynamic that it is practical for the more athletic recipients. You can give very deep and precise pressure without tiring and can save your hands.

In level 6, you will learn to bring the benefits of Thai Yoga Massage, including customized yoga, profound relaxation, and energy work, to the comfort of your massage table.Thai Yoga Massage on a table expands your business to a whole new clientele while helping to take even better care of your body.

Please bring loose comfortable clothes that you can stretch in. A full size memory foam, thin futon or a padded blanket to be used as a Thai Massage mat. Snacks and Lunch (optional: we often bring food to share and have a picnic together). There will be a corner of the room used as an alter for sacred object to help create beautiful space and to give you something all charged up to take home. (crystals, drums, flutes, art, flowers, cloth….)

Class will begin promptly at 9:00 A.M. both days, please be on time. 

About the Instructor:

Ariela began her teaching career in 1992 in the south of India educating prisoners and tribal villagers in the benefits and practice of Shivananda Yoga.  Then she spent many years cultivating the Buddhist meditation technique known as Vippassana.  Later in following her Tao she discovered the joys of improvisational contact dance. After graduating from FSM she discovered Thai Massage the perfect fusion of these techniques and practices. She is a certified Lotus Palm Practitioner (as taught by Kam Thye Chow) and has taught Thai Massage at the Florida School of Massage since 2004.

Website: http://bodhisangha.com/index.html