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Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course with Giorgia Milne


Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course with Giorgia Milne

Workshop Price: $4000

Prerequisite: Biodynamic Cranial Touch Initiatory Course


“Be Still and Know”

“I Am”                                                    


These words, etched on the grave markers of the founding father of Cranial Osteopathy Dr. William Garner Sutherland and his wife Adah Strand Sutherland, provide a profound teaching portal for embodied feeling-awareness and understanding of our evolving consciousness as expressed through this work.

Dr. Sutherland transmitted biodynamics orally to a close inner circle of students.  After Dr. Sutherland’s death, Dr. Rollin Becker kept the flame alive and evolved it through his writings adding influences from his connection to Kashmir Shaivism.  Today, we bask in elegant articulations and precise definitions of biodynamics crafted by Dr. James Jealous.

Based on the contribution made by Charles Ridley, author of STILLNESS, the biodynamics we teach delves into the evolution of consciousness expressed through cranial enfoldments and inquires into the power inside the forces of embryogenesis – The Love that emanates out of Dynamic Stillness – and its relationship to the mystery of “What is Body?”

At conception, Pure Breath of Love, as a multi-tidal potency, incarnates as an ebb and flow inside the embryo as a ‘primary respiration.’  This suffusion of ‘inner breath’ within the protoplasmic fluids is mediated by pacemaker cells that surround the embryo. This fractal, multi- dimensional, tidal motion enters the flesh from the infinite periphery of Dynamic Stillness, it suffuses the embryos’ vertical midline of Stillness, and organizes forces that combine levity and gravity that orchestrates the precise geometric patterns in the fluids of the embryo that create the human form.

This is the biodynamic motion of health that never stops: after birth, primary respiration, emanating from the heart field, continues to maintain our human form, all the body functions, and health; it is the foundation for our perceptual integrity; and is the power that propels our consciousness toward realization of utter bodily union with The Love that creates all there is – throughout the rest of life.

In our Dynamic Stillness school, we earnestly heed Dr. Sutherland’s guidance: ‘trust the Tide,’ leaving it completely free to heal from within.  Dr. Sutherland ardently asked biodynamic practitioners to allow physiologic function from ‘within’ to manifest its own ‘unerring potency’ rather than to ‘apply blind force’ from without, and in our practice we strictly abide by his injunction.


The Dynamic Stillness Approach to Biodynamic Cranial Touch

The Dynamic Stillness School offers a non-medical, non-doing biodynamic approach to touch that is free of mechanical/functional overlay.  Giorgia Milne has been a principal teacher with the school offering classes internationally since 2008. 

The trainings primarily support the inner development of the practitioner to directly connect to the Breath of Life.  Practically speaking, this frees your attention from its efferent orientation to an inner one to naturally flow with and serve the Breath of Life. 

The approach is non-medical — which means sessions are not referenced to a symptom-diagnosis-treatment paradigm, or ‘doing to’ a client in any way.  We are dedicated to support a practitioner’s direct inner-body contact with the ascending currents of fluid tide and long tide, and the descending currents of Pure Breath of Love.

A certified practitioner of Biodynamic Cranial Touch is trained to let the motion of primary respiration direct the sequence of the session. For the practitioner this means resting in oneself with free attention, and thus not tracking inside the client for inertial motion patterns, and especially not naming the processes during the session. Our practitioners apply no techniques, or outside forces of any kind to cranial lesions, body tissues, or tides.

This training is explicitly for the evolution of your consciousness that as a practitioner becomes a resonant transmission for clients.

See Charles Ridley’s website for more information about the Dynamic Stillness school and their approach to Biodynamic Cranial Touch.


Initiatory Course

Open to anyone wishing to develop personally or to investigate pursuing a committed professional track.  The Initiatory Course is for all health practitioners, psychotherapists, movement therapists, and bodyworkers new to cranial work.  It is required for all craniosacral practitioners or other biodynamic practitioners who wish to learn more about the type of biodynamics we teach before undertaking a committed yearlong study of Biodynamic Cranial Touch in the Mentor Course.

During the Initiatory Course you learn how to touch in a way that is non-efferent (neutral), non-doing, and in tonal match with primary respiration.  This course is designed to provide you with an array of embodiment of Stillness and midline practices by which you directly access primary respiration in your inner body. This is accomplished through a gradual process whereby you cease all efferent activity and intervention balanced with not being overly distant or unresponsive while touching another such that you learn to relax into Stillness, and abide in your natural state (neutral) – while letting ‘what is’ be as it is.

We review Dr. Sutherland’s profound insights into biodynamics.  Accomplished by creating a sacred space through Stillness Meditations, accessing the invisible midline, entering our heart awareness, feelingly inhabiting the inner body space to sense its tones, and with hand contacts tonally matched, we are inwardly led to powerful encounters with primary respiration of the Breath of Life.

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Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentor Course

Open to those who wish to develop personally, or who want to become a professional Biodynamic Cranial Touch Practitioner. To join the Mentor Course you have to first take the Initiatory Course, or equivalent Private Intensive Initiatory, and have teacher approval.

The Mentor Course develops out of a field of interest to immerse oneself in the work, and often as a response to an uncanny yet inexorable “calling”. Mentor Course dates are scheduled once there’s critical mass of committed participants. It requires an up-front commitment for the whole year, and the tuition is not refundable for any reason.

Each course provides the opportunity and support to progressively cultivate and maintain a living, intimate, ever-deepening, and continuous body-felt connection with the Breath of Life, Consciousness, and The Love that is all that is.  Biodynamic Cranial Touch Mentoring offers a way to competently practice a non-medical approach using any healing modality such as cranial work, medicine, integral medical work, acupuncture, homeopathy, naturopathy, bodywork, movement, somatics, or psychotherapy.


2017 Schedule of Classes

Initiatory Course:  $600 for new students / $300 to repeat

Next course: April 7-9th, 2017

3-day course worth 24 CEU’s (both Florida and National).  Course runs 9-6 each day with a 90 minute lunch.  Required reading: Stillness by Charles Ridley. 

NOTE: This course can be taken as a stand alone class, or taken as a deepening of the Embryology: Spirit and Essence course happening April 5-6.

Contact Mary Reis with any questions regarding the class or to register: or 352-246-6280.

Because this work continues to evolve, this course continues to evolve as well.  The basic material covered shifts somewhat with each group and many students find great value in repeating the Initiatory Course to deepen their bodily experience and practice of the work.  Half price to repeat: $300.


Mentor Course:  $4000 

Year long immersion in Biodynamic Cranial Touch training presented as 4, 4-day classes.  Additional work to be completed outside of class times.  Pathway to potentially becoming a BCT practitioner, or purely for personal development and life enhancement.  Initiatory Course and Teacher approval required.  Payment in full required prior to 4th installment of class.

Contact Giorgia Milne with any questions or to register: or 831-915-5663.


2017 Mentor Course schedule:

MC #1: July 20-23, 2017

MC #2: November 9-12, 2017

MC#3 & #4: TBA

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