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Engaging Work

By Frank Merillat LMT

FSM Instructor

As I sit here writing this I am reminded of how lucky we are at FSM to have access to such wonderful continuing education opportunities at our school. Benny Vaughn, a leading figure in sports and athletic massage was just here at the end of October. Giorgia Milne will be here in November, another leading figure in the Biodynamic Craniosacral world. Deane Juhan, a noted figure in the Trager community and author of Job’s Body, a guide to anatomy, physiology and how touch affects the body will be here in January. I have had the opportunity and pleasure to study with these three in my educational process along with other noted names in our profession and find it is always worth my time, energy and finances to do so. There is something about working with folks who have been doing this work for so long and who themselves studied with the pioneers in bodywork.

“On Bodywork & Awareness”, Paul Davenport, and Navigating Personal Unfolding

Mary with Frontal & Ethmoid Less Closeup

By Mary Reis LMT

FSM Instructor

I graduated from FSM in 1993 at the age of 24, inspired by school and excited to begin my Massage Therapy career. Now at 48 years old, I have been practicing Massage for half of my life and the profession continues to be immensely satisfying and intriguing. Recently I stumbled upon some of Paul Davenport’s* old writings and I have been reflecting on the power of awareness and how it has enriched my life and continues to inspire my career.

Currently, I am working on becoming an Approved Provider with the NCBTMB and have to update my resume. While combing through my old paper massage files, searching for dates and evidence of my education and various roles, I stumbled upon an unnamed file and discovered that it was filled with a piece of FSM history — it was my cherished stash of the old paper version of this electronic newsletter, the “Connective Issue”.

Ortho-Bionomy for Self-Care

By Luann Overmyer LMT

Ortho-Bionomy Instructor

At the age of 19 I had a motorcycle accident that left me with 6 broken ribs, a punctured lung, a lacerated liver, a torn hepatic ligament, and 3 compressed fractures in my spine. I was in a coma for hours and arrived at the hospital without a pulse or blood pressure —- essentially dead on arrival.

It is a dramatic story yet without this experience I may have never have discovered the wonders of bodywork, nor recognized the amazing capacity of the body to heal and the phenomenal benefit of self-care. By the age of 23 I was beginning to believe that I would have pain for the rest of my life. Also of concern was the head and neck injury resulting in my lack of ability to focus and blurry vision.

I recognized I needed some help. I went to see a chiropractor who commented that “he didn’t know how I could be alive with a neck like that”. Over the next few months, I felt his treatments turning me into a “bobble head” as he would adjust my neck into alignment but within 12 -24 hours I would be just as miserable as before. I decided I better start to figure this out for myself and began taking classes in bodywork and massage.