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Don’t Let One Failed Exam Stop You: A Graduate Tells Her Story

by Kendra Ostrander

I had first arrived to Gainesville late January 2014, a week before I would attend the Florida School of Massage. My uncle was attending at the time and talked highly of this magical place that not only allowed, but encouraged, students to be barefoot. I was sold when he carried on and told me that this place is a place for healing – and that in order to be a good therapist, you first must go through therapy.  It made sense.  After a few exchanged phone calls between the school and then with my uncle, I had decided to leave what was familiar and take a leap of faith and fly on a plane to Gainesville.


IMAP Beyond the Gym: The Stress Response

By Vincent Cambrea and Bev Browning

Stress is a life-saver.  No question about it.  When life and limb are threatened, stress is your primal first alert that you’re about to die if you don’t get moving. The will to survive is hardwired into your DNA, so your brain and body shift instantly into warp-drive to save your life. For three solid minutes of screaming terror, you’ll have more laser focus and explosive power than a superhero—plenty to outrun a lion.

Instant access to this much energy is a miraculous and complex partnership between the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). They join forces in a circuit to mount a survival campaign of choice: fight, flight, or freeze. It’s called the “Stress Response.” And although it varies in degree among people, depending on heredity, it’s universal.  We’ll give you the short list of the sequence. All this happens within nanoseconds, so prepare to be amazed.

Finding A Way: Three Women Share Their Night Class Odysseys

By Dar Mikula

thumb_Dar Linked in 3_1024Kelley Gonzalez was 16 when she got pregnant. A teenager out on her own, she moved to West Palm Beach, got her GED, and never worked less than three jobs. However, before she left Gainesville, Gonzalez drove by the Florida School of Massage and saw the hands. She did a u-turn and did a walk-through with a staff member. She knew she wanted to attend the school, but it was not the time.

Autumn Blu Genaro’s mother, Casper, attended the day program in the summer of 1994 when Autumn Blu was only three. A few years later, her mother also got a job as a receptionist at the school.  The little Genaro was attending grade school at Expressions up the road, so the young girl spent a lot of time at the school and among the staff. Now in her mid-20s, Genaro wanted to do something different with her life and thought maybe following in the footsteps of her mom would satisfy her maturing curiosity.  

Embryology Made Accessible For The Inquisitive Bodyworker

By Ella Vassallo

Editor’s Note: This month we offer a personal account of the upcoming Embryology class with Giorgia Milne.  At first glance, the Embryology class can appear ethereal or even inaccessible.  However, the concepts presented in the class relate to all of life, and most anyone can find value in the information presented.  Ella Vassallo, a longtime student of Giorgia Milne, offers her viewpoint below.

Ella Vassalo 6-2016
At first glance embryology may not seem like it holds relevance for anyone except a future doctor. And this may be true of a technical embryology course taught within the constellation of a medical school. But Giorgia Milne’s embryology class cannot be confined to those medical school classes. While it does contain anatomical/physiological information about our embryological stage, it gives us this information as an invitation to view ourselves as ever evolving embryos where the same forces that are at work before conception, at conception and in the weeks following conception, continue to mold us.